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After thoughts.

I wanted to stay to night, I didn’t want to leave at 9:30, the night had consisted of hanging out and just doing what we did every other night. You really couldn’t tell that it was our six months. You really couldn’t. I wanted to stay later that night and just sit on his pourch and talk, or lay in his bed and cuddle. That’s what I wanted to do after 9:30.

As he walked away, I said “You know I can stay tell 11, you’re just throwing me out.”

He said, “Is that how you feel?”

I said, “No, Love you.” But I lied. I felt like he was throwing me out, I thought he should want me to stay, I felt that he should want to hang out some more, did he not see that I wanted to stay. Did he not understand?

Oh well, I guess that’s what I get for 6 months. He really needs to look around and realize what’s in his presence more, I wanted to stay.

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