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So not much has really been going on lately. I mean, really what can go on? I work and go to school, that’s my life. Fuck it.

Today at work I did nothing, how amusing is that. Tonight I went and purchased a 25-pin female to male sodering (sp) connector.

Hehe, that was the most AMUSING thing I’ve had happen in a while… David Brokaw just called me and he asked for Adam’s number, and I was like… Umm, I think it’s….963-XXXX. And I was like, wait, that doesn’t sound right, cause it sounded too much like my Cell phone number, so I tried going to the phone book while he was still on the phone, well that didn’t work to well and I hung up on him. Well then I didn’t know where he was calling from and I was like, hmmm. So I called one of the numbers that I have for him, and then I tried the other number that I have for him and he wasn’t at either one, so then I called Adam and was like, I just gave Daivd your home number so he might be calling, and Adam was like, well we’re going out. So I was like, alright. So I called the last number I have for David, at the theater. He was there luckly and I talked to him, he seemed really excited to hear our plans. (oh, I guess I haven’t told you those yet have I) Adam and I were thinking…we’re thinking about going to Lenox (where david and my G&G live) Wed (July 3rd) night, leaving Lenox on the 4th with David and heading to Lincoln to see my cousin for a day (4th+5th or something) or two, and then heading back to Lenox on the 5th or 6th, and then heading back to Ankeny on the 6th or 7th.

Good times.

Adam and I had a bit of a fight today, it was odd and sad and all that that a fight is. But we made up like always, at least I think things are better now, it seems as though they are. Perhaps I’ll hear of more later.

We saw Jessa tonight, sex.

Speaking of which, I’m not getting any. roflol.

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Me neither dammit…don’t you hate boyfriends who don’t put out? Maybe WE should hook up…hmmm…

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