I fell asleep last night at the GLRC, I fell asleep tonight at Adam’s house, I about fell asleep on the way home tonight, in general, I’ve been falling asleep anywhere and everywhere I can catch a wink. I’ve been so fucking tired.

Only three more days of class, and then it’s a new class!

Today at work I bought a new computer for the new guy… I had narrowed it down to TWO possible choices, both completely identical systems, except that one had WinXP Pro and the other WinXP Home. The cost difference $99. You know how long it took them to decide which one to purchase??

It took them…… 4 (yes, four!) hours. And you know what they went with, WinXP Home Edition. You know what we’re going to do once we get the computer in in a couple days?? We’re going to reformat it and put Win2k on it. So why spend 4 (yes, four!) hours deciding which one to purchase?? I dunno, perhaps to waste my ENTIRE day? Gwar.

Today’s been a waste in general anyhows. Night all.

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