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So today was pride day here in DM. It was great fun, we were in the parade and there were tons of HOT bois and shit, and I might be on the news tonight, sooo cool. I met a couple drag queens as well. Good times. Good good times..

The only thing I didn’t like was that I had no money to buy pridy type things with. But it was really fucking cool.

Other then that I haven’t done jack shit today. After the parade and the festivities at the Ampitheater in DM Adam and I came back to my house and went swimming. He just left a little bit ago.

Ok, so to finish the story from last night… Last summer I was a camp site guide for this group, and in this group was this adorable little kid whom I just loved to death (click here). Ok, well the other day he IMed me and asked me if I was going to be at camp this summer cause he was going to be there for a week. (He’s graduated from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts now.) And I had to tell him, that no I wouldn’t be there and that I had to work in Ames this summer. It was so sad. Cause then he said “Oh, that’s sad, I’m going to miss seeing you there in our campsite everymorning” and he just went on about how much fun he had last summer because of me, and how much fun he had and how much he’s going to miss me this year, it was so sweet and I just wanted to cry to bad. That’s why I loved scouting so much, because of kids like him, you know that you make a huge difference in thier lives. Last year when I was thier guide, he didn’t think he was going to have fun at camp that weekend, and he didn’t want to go into Boy scouts, but we talked and he was my bud. I loved that kid. If I ever have kids, I want them to be JUST like him, ::cries:: I want to be back in scouting.

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