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Man I’m so tired right now…

This weekend has been good, Friday was very confusing and stressful so we’ll leave most of it out, but Adam and I went to the Film Fest, we got lost on the way and it was very stressfull until it started and then all was good. The first movie sucked ass, the second movie was odd and the third movie was really good. Kade was cute for being a girl. lol. Afterwards Adam and I went to my house and hung out, I fell asleep in his lap, it’s been a while since I’ve done that, lol.

Today’s been good as well, I woke up at 6:54 and here it is 1:04 AM, I got up, went to the bank where the hot boi flirted with me and then I went and got my pa a pa’s day gift. From there I went back to Ankeny and got my hair cut, and then to Hy-Vee to study. Good times.

After Adam got off work we went back to his house and just hung out the whole night there. It’s been very nice.

I would have liked to have gone out tonight though, but oh well. It was nice anyways.

Last summer at one of the Cub weekends I was this groups camp site guide….(Mental note to finish story later).

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