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Cars hate me.

Last night was horrible. Well, most of the night was alright. But about 1am or so it turned horrible. Last night was the Hy-Vee christmas party. Adam and I went, we had a good time. Everyone thought I was pissed though when I really wasn’t. They said that because I was just standing there not talking, they all thought that I as pissed, but you see. When there’s blaring music and I can’t hear shit, and I’m not really going to say much, you know what I mean. Oh well. The party was tons of fun, we saw lots of drunken people make fools of themselves, it was good.

After the party was over, we all left to go to Java Joe’s. We went there, but they were getting ready to get close, so we all decided to go to Baker’s Square. so we were driving, I was following Mandy, blah blah blah. I hit her, it was bad.

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