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Cars Hate Me

Ok, well here it is, 7 pm on a Sunday night. Adam’s just dropped me off. I left his house earlier then I wanted, mostly because I wasn’t feeling very comfortable. But I was also tired and so was he and I didn’t want him to have to drive me back to much later then it was. I already miss him. I didn’t want to leave so early. But yeah, we’ve had a good day. He came over here about 1ish and we hung out here for a while and just talked and watched TV, it was good times. Then about 3:30 or so, Angel called and wanted me and Adam to go with them to get thier pictures taken cause they wanted opinions on what pictures were good and such. So we did that and after that we went back to Layaway and talked to Julian for a while. It was good. Angel and Matt are leaving tomorrow. It’s sad to see them go cause we haven’t really got a chance to talk to them much this break. I can’t wait tell summer comes again.

So more about the car situation, Adam and I were in my car and Mandy, Tara, Jessica were all in Mandy’s car. We were going to Baker’s Square on MH Road from downtown, so we were on University. I was behind Mandy, and I was more then a safe distance away, and I was also going the speed limit, I know that cause I had my cruise set right on 30 mhp. But yeah, so we were coming up on an intersection and it’s one of those funky one’s where you have to stop like way back from the actual intersection. So yeah, the light had just turned yellow and I was getting ready to put my foot on the break. Mandy was way ahead of me and in my opinion she should have ust gone through the light… But she was going to stop, however, she didn’t realize where she was supposed to stop at, and when she did, she slammed on her breaks, inturn I slammed on my breaks, they locked up. We slid on the wet roads right into the back of Mandy’s car. The air bags went off in my car and the horn was going off, it was just bad. I wanted to just die there. I got out of my car and went running to Mandy’s to see if everyone was alright. Luckly everyone was. But now neither Mandy or I have a car to drive, and it’s going to cost me my entire savings. Which, I am thankful that I have that savings, but it’s still hard. I mean, the worst thing is that it happened at all. I was doing everything right, I was following at a safe distance, I was driving the speed limit. Why the hell do things happen to me. The other thing is that now Mandy doesn’t have a car and I feel really bad for that. And another thing is that, well IT’S MY NEW FUCKING CAR. Why? Damnit, Why? That’s all I want to know.

But the world works in wierd ways and I’ll never know why, I’ll never know why Mandy didn’t just go through the light, I’ll never know why I couldn’t stop in time, I’ll never know…

But things in my lief are going good, better then I could hope for. I’m glad that we said “Fuck ’em all” and did what we felt was right in our hearts. And I’m so glad to have him there, by my side when ever things go wrong, he’s always there to comfort me and I’ll always be there to comfort him. EVen though we can’t always dance when we want to, or we can’t hold hands in public. Even though we can’t do those little things, like we’d like to. We know that we love each other. And that’s what matters.

Tonight I came home and asked my dad about the car situation tomorrow. He said, “Well do you want to walk, ride with your mom.” I said, “Is she going to Ames.” Then he said, “Well you can have the Cougar until we figure something else out.” And as he said it he kept rasing his voice and I said, “You don’t have to yell at me.” Then he said, “You haven’t seen yelling yet.” And then I turned and walked away cause I knew where that was going, and I didn’t want to go there, and he said, “If you’re going to be like that, you won’t be driving anything.”

Why’s he have to be such a fucking asshole all the time. Fucker. I hate him.

Ok, I shall post things now.

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