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Everyone’s having a bad time

It seems as though everyone is having a bad time. First Melinda backed into my car, then I hit Mandy’s car, so now neither of us have a car, then Rob’s had a bad day yesterday and then Adam locked his keys in his car. Why does the world hate us so much.

And of course, Adam locked his keys in at the GLRC, so he couldn’t call his dad to come open it like he did last time, so yeah. When I left last night they were still debating as to call a lock smith or leave it in the Drake area. I hope to god that he still has a car and it’s still in one piece.

I feel so bad for everyone right now. :'(

One reply on “Everyone’s having a bad time”

Oy.. that DOES suck.. :-(.. but think about it.. since ur so down, therez nowhere to go but up!! yay! well actually it never works that way.. something ALWAYS happens to make things worse.. ok.. sorry bout that pessimism..
ANYHOW, sup? just wandered onto this page from christopher street’s page.. and i like ur site! now i gotta go read everything else ;-)..
aiighty well i’ll see ya round.. talk to ya later!

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