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Sometimes I wonder what the hell Nazanin’s thinking. Today’s one of those good examples. You see, I’m working on this Database of the software and hardware that we have here at Krell. And well, the thing is you have to enter the same fucking information 4 times. It’s like, “HELLO! You could merge these together and save alot of typing, and it’d be easier for you to find the shit that you’re looking for!” I suggested that to her, but she just won’t listen. Gwar.

But yeah, yesterday was good. Adam and I got to spend some time together just talking and hanging out. It was like the first time we’ve had a chance to just sit around and talk for a while. So it was really nice. We were supposed to go to some open mic night thing, but we didn’t. Oh well. It was well worth missing.

Not much really going on though. I’m going to move all my shit back up to my dorm tomorrow. Gwar. I don’t want to go back there. I’m going to really miss not being able to see Adam everyday. :'(

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