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Work Again

Well, here I am at work again and it’s just starting to get really annoying. We just got in 20 more backup tapes, 20 tapes that we didn’t need. WE now have 68 tapes. At max we only need 18 of those tapes. But because Nazanin is a nut case and won’t listen to the people who she’s asigned this task of backing up to, she’s ordered 68 tapes and wasted about $2,000. Gwar. She’s really starting to piss me off.

Yesterday was good though. I got all my stuff moved back into the dorm’s and it’s pretty. I’m going to go up there Saturday while Adam’s working and do some finishing things. But other then that, all’s ready to go. After I was done there, I went and met up with Adam at the GSA. They finished up and then we went back to his house. It was good times there. No one was home, so we just did stuff I guess is the best way to put it. Now get your mind out of the gutter, not that kind of stuff. We hung out and talked, cooked supper, which was amusing all in it self, contacted Gateway support, and watched some TV. But yeah, it was good times. Some things that happened towards the end of the night though kinda mad me sad. But oh well, it’s just the way Adam is and that’s why I like him.

Ok, it’s now like 4 hours after I actually started writing this and I’m just now getting around to finishing it. Earlier Nazanin got the bright idea of switching over one of our servers to a newer one. So Chris and I started working on the project, she said she wanted it done by noon, which only gave us like 2 hours. Well we had it mostly done by that time, there was only one minor glitch that we couldn’t figure out… The users couldn’t log in. Now that sounds like a big thing, but for this machine it really wasn’t cause no users actually log into the machine, it’s only a webserver and the only time a user will log in is to update the page, and well that doesn’t happen that offten. But yeah, so we told her we were ready to go and then she was like, “But what about the domain, won’t that mess everything up.” And we told her that no, it wouldn’t. Cause it wouldn’t and she just went off on this round about thing. Gwar. So now we are doing it on Tuesday instead. But yeah, yet another annoying day here at Krell. But I love my job and that’s what matters. Well that and the pay of course.

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