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Christmas #1

Gwar. I hate my family. I went to bed late last night, thinking that I’d be able to sleep in this morning. Boy, was I wrong there. My mother came into my room about 10:30 and said, “Get up, it’s time to leave.” Of course not knowing that we were going anywhere today I said, “Leave to go where?” She informed me that we were leaving to go to Adel for my GG’s Christmas party. One that I hate going to cause it’s the bitchy side of the family. . . Pam and Janell and a few others all in one room. Errr. So yeah. I was pissy about that the whole time. I don’t even know why we go. But whatever.

So I was supposed to meet Adam at 3, he called me at 3 and I said that we’d be home about 5ish. So I told him I’d call him when we got home. Well we got home and just as I was picking up the phone to call him, my cell phone rings, it’s him. He’s like, “I’m going to Gateway now, so I’ll call you when I get back.” I told him that we had just walked in the door and before I had a chance to think we said bye and hung up, less then five minutes later, I was like, why doesn’t he just wait at his house and we can both go down there together. So I called his Cell phone, but he didn’t answer, now that means I’ll be stuck here tell about 6ish now with the fucking family that I’m about ready to fucking KILL. I’m sad and mad at Adam, but I know I shouldn’t be, so I’m madder at my self for being mad at Adam, but it’s all just a visious circle.

My dad always takes tons of chips to family gathering, I don’t know why. No one in our family eats chips, and no one ever wants to take them home. So it’s stupid to begin with. Well today, he did it again, but when we got there, my mom opened up a few bags for people to eat while they were there. Then when we were leaving, no one wanting to take them home, they ended up back in our car. So my dad felt the need to yell and scream about that, “Why the fuck did you open them there, and why’d you bring them back home.” Well first of all, we were going to leave them there, but someone called Andy back into the house and gave him the box of chips back. Second, opening them there was a good idea cause that way he at least got rid of some of them. Well he didn’t feel the need to bitch about it just on the way home, but also when we got him he felt a need to bitch about it even more. The ass hole, you know if he and my brother would just run off the road and die sometime. I don’t think anyone in the family would miss them.

That’s another thing though about today, my brother. He kept babbling about shit that people weren’t even talking about, and things that he shouldn’t be saying. He seems to think that he has an Girl friend, but you know what. He’s just a dumbass. Rarr again at him, and my dad. And a smaller rarr at Adam right now.

I want to be out of here. I want Christmas to be over. I want them to all go away damnit. Make them go away.

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If your dad and brother are going to run off the road and die then can they please take Janell with them? If I get one more e-mail about CLAIRE I’m going to kill her myself.

Yes. I know, she can go with them. I’m sick of hearing about her and that damn car. It’s not that bad, the stupid bitch, she can get a better car then what she has for the money they’re giving her. And if she keeps fighting it like she is, she’s just going to lose it all. Gwar at the family of assholes.

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