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Christmas #2

Well, two Christmas’ down, only two more left to go. Today was actually pretty good for being around a bunch of old, annoying, farmers. I just kinda sat downstairs and watched people play pool. It was alright. I got an alarm clock today, which is good cause I’ve been needing one and I’ve just been to lazy to buy myself one. Steve was there too. I know this sounds bad, but he is really hot.

Other then that not much else going on yet today. Adam and I talked a bit and we were able to get a ew hours together tonight. Hopefully his mom won’t stay and talk for hours on end, cause if she does that then we won’t get those few hours together. So yeah, it’s all on her now. lol

La la la. I’m off to spend some money that I don’t have cause I need a real modem for my machine and not one of these stupid ass WinModems.

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