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Christmas Eve

Well, it’s nearly midnight. And here I am still working on my damn computer. I seem to be having problems sending people e-mail. Gwar at that. So Julian will you please e-mail me at and tell me how you set up Kmail to send e-mail. PEASE! Thanks. I tried using SMTP on the local machine, but it keeps telling me that the permission is denied. And then I tried using pine and that didn’t work. Then I tried using Comet,, and a few others and they all didn’t fucking work. GWAR!

Someone help. Other then the small mail problem everything else seems to be working fine. I’ve got the internet connection working, and I have all my files installed on this machine. So yeah. I’m about ready to go. One things that’s kind of annoying though is that GAIM wasin’t already installed and also my ineternet keeps cutting me off like every 10 minutes or so. I’ll have to look into that later. La la la. Off to try and figure out how to send mail. Cause I have a nice Christmas gift here for everyone. 😉

Laters all.

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