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Christmas #3 and after

Christmas #3 is down only one more left to go. And that one shouldn’t be to big of a deal. I got alot of cool stuff for christmas, I didn’t really get much that I can go and say, look this is what I got. But I got some cool stuff. I got some books, and some money for clothes. It’s a really wierd way they gave me the money though, there were three boxes, all the same size, all wrapped the same and they were numbered. So I was going to open the first one, expecting like a shirt, but when I picked it up, it felt empty. So i shook it round a bit and it didn’t make any noise or anything. So I’m like what the fuck is this? So I opened it, and it was a little cardboard cut out of a shirt. I was like, “oookkk???” So them I picked up the second one, and it felt empty to. So I opened it and it was a little cut out of a pair of pants. So then I picked up the third one and it felt empty to. So I was like, WTF could this be. I opened it and it was a cut out of a shoe, and on it was a note that said I could go out and get a shirt, a pair of pants and a pair of shoes, and taped to the back of the shoe was a $100 gift certificate to VWM. So yeah, Adam and I are going shopping tomorrow.

We went out today and spent all his money. He got a new CD player for his car. It’s a really cool one. So yeah, we’ve been having fun times.

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