My Life

Dec? Thunderstorms?

Ok, this ir like freaking me out. It’s like a couple days from Christmas and it’s fucking thundering and lightening out. Freaky wierd. But at least it’s not snow. . . Yet.

Today and tonight’s been really good. I spent all morning and afternoon just wandering around Adam’s house and we talked and cleaned, it was fun. Then tonight I went out with Julian it was good times. I put a shit laod of miles on my car though. But still good times.

It appears that Mandy and Jessica have turned up missing. It’s odd. I don’t really care enough to go into the story here, but yeah. I’m kinda worried as to where they are. They shall return I’m sure.

I’m fucking tired so I’m going to bed.

I can’t wait tell Christmas. I’ll get my XY’s with the HOT GUYS in it!!!!!

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