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Finals and bed time

Dec 21,

The next person that pisses me off is going to get a fist in thier face, damnit. I got up this morning at 6:00 I got ready and was on my way to ISU by 6:30. I got there, walked all the bolldy fuckig way across campus, freezing my arse off. The teacher bitch got there and started explaining the test. The first thing she said was “_if_ you get doe before 9:30.” And everyone was like. HOLY SHIT. She handed out the test and it was 35 fallicies that we had to identify and then explain. Crazy bitch. It only took me about an hour to finish and I was the first one done. When I handed in my test she gave me back my final paper, which accounts for 50% of our grade. I took it and since it was 8 pages I just took it and read it as I went off to go back to my car. As I was walking I was reading the comments she had written on my paper. Some of them just really pissed me off. Like some things that I had taken into the Writing Center and asked them about, she said was wrong. It’s like “Hello, another ENGLISH professor at this college has checked this paper over and siad that it was good.” So yeah. I got to the last page and saw my grade. A FUCKING D-. I was so pissed I was about ready to run all the way across campus and scream at her. I was so pissed off. She said, that I didn’t answer all her questions. I did answer all her questions I just didn’t answer all the questions the way that she wanted them answered, I answered them the way that I thought they should be answered. That’s what the paper was about. Damnit, just because I have a different opinion then her, she gave me a bad grade.

The last couple days have been really stressfull. Lets see. I guess the only thing that’s really worth metioning is that Mandy moved out of her house. That was a really big surprise. Adam and I got the phone call while we were at the mall. We were like HOLY SHIT! I couldn’t beleive that she was doing that. But I can understand why she did. It’ll be good for her. Yep

Other things that have been happening are really stressful as well. Angel’s return hasn’t been as great as we had hoped, things for new years aren’t looking to good, my PU’s are annoying the hell out of me and I swear that my brother will give me a stroke before I go back to school. Things for the most part aren’t good. But there are some things that are working out better then anyone could have imagined.

Everynight I lay in bed thinking about things, wether it be a poem, or something that’s happened that day or the day before. Maybe I’m thinking up a new story, or something. Which by the way I need to start writing these things down, when I’m in bed they sound really good. Last night I spent the night thinking about things that were going to happen today. I took one conversation that might happen, and thought out every possible reaction that the other person might have, every possible scenario that might come about. But this morning, having that converstaion doesn’t seem as important to have right now. That person is who they are, and there’s really nothing that we can change about that. We have to accept that people change over time, and sometimes it’s not in a way that we want them to change. We sent Angel off to Greensville, South Carolina; But Greensville sent Angela back to us. Either we need to adjust to her, or she needs to understand what were saying.

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