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Finals and shit

Well here I am sitting at home. I’ve finished all my finals but one, English. I think I did ok on most of them. We’ll see I guess. I might just get my wish to be closer to Adam next semester. lol

I went and saw Adam at work tonight. He didn’t seem to happy to be checking again. I feel bad for him. But at least he’s away from the evil Nina. We’ll see how things go upfront. I also went and spent my Book return money. All $85 of it. I got a new 10/100 Ethernet Card and SuSe 7.3. I was happy.

So now I’m backing up my computer, waiting for MP3’s to copy. All 15 gig’s of them. What I have a problem with though is how am I going to copy them back to my Linux box once I get them on my 98 box. Hmm. I’m thinking FTP, but I’m not sure. I was going to do an NFS share, but my 98 box isn’t an NT or 2k box, so that won’t work. If I knew how SAMBA worked I might try that. But alas. I don’t know how it works. So there 😛 Anyone else have any ideas? Post them below (I think comments are working).

Well this post sucks. Night all.

Make greymatter love me someone.

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