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Nov 5, 2001

Nov 5, [Enrique Inglesias, "Be With You"]

So fateback has decided to be a mother fucking bitch. Must find new free

hosting service. Gwar. I also registered for classes today. Fun times. I’m

taking: Lib 160, Acct 215, Com S 207, Mis 330 and Stat 104. That’s only

12.5 credits, I’m waiting to see if I can get into Stat 227 instead of Stat

104. If I get into 227, then I’ll have 15.5 credits and that’ll be cool.

But I can’t really find any other classes that fit into my schedule right

now. I like what I have set up now though, it should be pretty cool. I don’t

start classes untill 11 on MWF and I’m done at 3, and on Tues, Thurs. I’ve

only got Stat at 9, and then after that I can go to work. Yay for more money.

Yep, so that’s what my life. I’ve been trying to study for Soc, but I just

haven’t been able to get through it, the roomie is in here, and he’s playing

that damn computer game and he’s got the fucking thing turned up so loud.

Grrr. I’ve got Math here in a bit that I have to go to as well.

Oh, funny story from last night. I was leaving and Melinda was in Abbie’s

room getting a massage. Well I had walked out the door already and Adam

was like, "Mom will be sad if you don’t say bye to her." So I

was like, alright, I’ll go to the window and tell Abbie to tell her bye

for me. So I went over there and knocked on the window, and Abbie peeked

through the curtians and I waved to her, and she freaked out. It was hilarious,

then I saw her coming back towards the window, and then she opened the curtians,

and I waved, and the only thing I saw was Melinda laying on the bed screaming

"I’m Naked." I laughed my fucking ass off. Luckly, for both me

and Melinda, I didn’t see anything. lol. Omg, I laughed at that all the

way home. It was so hilarious.

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