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Nov 4, 2001

Nov 4, [Silverchair, "Miss You Love"]

Hmm, so this weekend has been long, yet really great. Friday we went downtown,

and hung out there, not much going on of course, Saturday Adam worked all

day. Then after work we went out with Leah, Andi, Nelline. We just went

to the park thing there and talked and such, some not so good times there,

but also some good times. We played spin the bottle and such, it was amusing.

I realized this weekend that I’ve never kissed a girl (other then family)

on the lips. I mean, Angel always kisses me but we have always kissed each

other on the cheek. I still to this day haven’t kissed a gril on the lips.

lol. Then today Adam worked until 3 and after that we went and hung out

and just talked. About 5 we went back to his house and he did his homework.

Now, I mean most people, watching them do thier homework isn’t exactly something

that would be considered fun. But it was Adam and I had fun just laying

there in his bed next to him while he did his homework, just spending time

with him, wether it be at work with him, at home, when he’s doing homework,

or cleaning, or where ever. The time that I spend around him and with him

means so much to me. I’d never give it up for anything.

So that’s my weekend, I have a test on Monday in Soc that I need to study

for soon. But I won’t get to that tonight cause I’m to damn tired. I also

have to hang up my laundry cause I forgot to take my hangers home this weekend.

I also should be studying for my math test, but oh well. Laters all.

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