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Nov 2, 2001

Nov 2, [Bush, "Altered States"]

Ok, so I bet everyone’s going. OMG it’s during the week and Chris hasn’t

updated in like 3 days. He must be sick or something. Well, good news is

that no, I’m not sick. But I have been REALLY REALLY busy lately. These

last three days just seem as though they’ve FLOWN past. And the thing is

that I don’t even remember what I’ve been doing mostly lately. I know Wed

I had a ton of meetings to go to during the day, but after about 6 I don’t

remember what I did. Heh, oh well. I’m sure I did something that kept me

from updating. Then yesterday I was in a mood to fix problems that I had

been putting of for every. So first thing I did was at work I got a few

machines up and running and purchased some things to get some others fixed.

Then I spent like an hour and half working on my DEC station, and I got

that up and running. Once I get the ports to it open I’ll give out some

e-mail accounts if anyone wants them. Wouldn’t it be sweet to have

I think it is. lol. So then I came home, and I started working on some other

things, like firewalls, FTP and a few other really cool things, one of which

is the webcam that has now been added to my page. It uploads a picture every

30 seconds, so it’s cool. About 10 or so Sri came in and was like, so how

do you know if someone is connected to your compter, so I told him. He went

and did what I told him to and found out that someone had hacked into his

computer. So I got some information about the person, his IP and a few other

things, and did some reasearch on who it was for Sri. All I did was some

basic things, but he was really impressed. About 11 or so I finally realized

that it was 11, so I went to bed.

Today’s been really sucky so far. I went to my English class, and our assingment

for today was to block this essay, well I did it. So she was discussing

it in class and told us that she had blocked 1, 2-5, 6-11. And then she

asked me how I did it, well I blocked, 1-2, 3-5, 6, 7-11 together. And I

told her that, and she was like, "Why’d you put 6 by itself."

And it was one of those things where now that she had pointed it out, it

made more sense to put 6-11 together, and I really couldn’t remember why

I had put it like that, so I was looking through my notes to see why I had

done it that way. While I was looking through my notes she goes, (Is a really

snoty voice) "Well Chris apperantly didn’t do his homework." And

went on and asked the next person. Well he admitted that he didn’t do his

work and she goes "Well Chris and John didn’t do thier homework."

And I was like you bitch, that is not appropriate behavior for a teacher.

So after class I went up to her and handed her all my notes about the essay

(3 pages worth), handed her my book, opened to the essay, where I had written

a ton more notes in the text, and said, "That was relaly rude of you

to say, since you can see that I _HAVE_ done my homework." And thne

she went into this whole thing about and I just blocked her out cause she

was only pissing me off even more. And I told her again, (well a couple

times) that it was still a rude thing for her to do. Then she started trying

to appologize, and I was like, that’s not the thing, the thing is that you

need to see that that wasn’t appropriate behavior for a teacher. So I picked

up my stuff, and walked out the door. As I was walking out, she said "Well

Monday I’ll appologize for my behavior." Bitch

And then I just got back from my Soc class and of course the roomie is

in here playing this god damn video game, it’s one of those where you go

around and kill people. It annoys the hell out of me cause all the sound

that there is to it is just a bunch of gun fire and such. Gwar. And he was

sitting in the room with the door closed and the fan on again, and it’s

like, you know, if you just opened the fucking door, the wind would create

a natural breeze, and you wouldn’t have to have that loud fucking fan on.

GRRRR at everything. I don’t understand why he insists on having the door


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