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Nov 6, 2001

Nov 6, [98 Degrees, "This Gift"]

Gwar, Fateback is being even more of a bitch then I thought. I’ve e-mailed

them about 10 times, and they’ve yet to resolve the problem, they keep claiming

that it’s with my ISP, but there is clearly no problem there. Bastards.

Oh well.

I haven’t really done much today, but it’s been a long fucking day. I went

to Accounting, and did shit there, then I went to work. Funny thing happened

there. I was calling Dell to get a replacement part for something, and I

had them on speaker phone, well I was on hold, and working at one of my

computers, so I wasn’t really paying all that much attention to it. Well

then someone came in and said that they needed something, so I went to help

them. Well I came back about an hour later, and my phone was doing that

annoying beeping thing that they do when you leave the phone off the hook,

it was so funny. I walked off and completely forgot about them. Opps. But

yeah, then I was just working away and I got alot done today, but I still

have alot to do. Then tonight I went to Econ, found out we had a quiz last

week that I missed and we got a new assingment that I didn’t get, so I got

the assingment and then left to go to my Math test. I took it. It seemed

pretty easy, but I’ll probably fail it. Oh well, that’s the way life goes.

Last night my roommate came up to me and was like, so where are you living

next semester. And I was like, "I dunno." and then he said "Oh,

well I was just asking cause I have a friend moving up here and he want’s

to share a room and I haven’t had the same roommate for two semesters yet."

I wanted to just go, ‘Well I can see why, being you’re such a RUDE ASSHOLE!’

But I was nice. I just let it go. I’d like to move, but I really don’t want

to put in all the effort to do it. Grr. Oh well.

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