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Nov 7, 2001

Nov 7, [REM, "Sweetness Follows"]

Lalalala. Sitting here trying to think of a way to present my English "research"

(I put quotes around it because it’s not a fucking research paper, it’s

a damn opinion paper) paper. It has to be 6-7 papges long, with at least

12 refence thingys. Well I’ve got like 50 pages printed off already about

things I want to include, it’s just a matter of how to include them. I want

to almost take two sides. I want to take one that says, "Yeah alot

of people have become more patriotic" and I want to take another side

that says "Yeah, some people may think they are, but they really aren’t."

And I want to give it all a big ol gay spin. lol. You know I want to bring

up the things with Homosexuals not being able to donate blood if they’re

sexually active, and some other things. So I don’t really know how I want

to go about it. I’ve got like a month to do it, but I want to get it started

like ASAP. I’ve also got to re-write my Bartelby paper. I went to the English

Help room and he said that the content was really good. It’s just that I

had a lot of typo’s. Opps. But he really couldn’t see why the teacher was

being such a bitch when she graded it. I think she has it our for me.

I slept in today cause we didn’t have English. The phone rang about 8 and

I was like, fucker. The roommate wouldn’t get up to answer it so I grabbed

it and chucked it at him. I knew it wasn’t for me. So why should I waste

my time answering it? Then he went back to sleep. I got things going and

did some homework. About 10:30 just as I was getting ready to leave for

my class, the phone rings again. It rings and rings, he still has the phone

in his bed. I’m not going to answer it, it’s not for me. So then he goes,

"You going to get that?" I said "NO." Fucker. So I left

and went to Soc class. We got there and Vero and I were talking and such,

and the prof didn’t show up. So the guy, I don’t know what you call him,

called someone and then said we could leave cause no one knew where the

prof was. Good times, so I had no classes today! Now I’m here putting off

doing Bartelby. I’ll get to it I swear.

I found out that my Econ test is on Tuesday. Grrr. I wanted to go to that

Young Gay America thing with Adam. Oh well. School must be done.

I like Pringles.

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