My Life

Sept 23, 2001

Sept 23, [Seven Channels, "Can’t Be With You"]

So much has happened this weekend. i’ve been really busy.

Ok, so Saturday I got up and went to my aunts to fix my grandma’s computer.

I worked on it tell like 3 and it was dead as a door knob. So I took it

home and I’m going to try and fix it next weekend some. We’ll see how that


You know. I’m really not in the mood to update my site right now, so I’ll

update it tomorrow.

Things to update about: People in groups. Hiar high lighting fun; Good

times with Adam, Camera, RAM and hot guys, Jenna Rederus and hot guys, Pictures,

Rob and my shirt, Picutre of Katie, alot of other things that I’m sure I’ll

think of when I go to bed, and then won’t be able to remember when I get

up tomorrow to update my site.

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