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Sept 22, 2001

Sept 22

So tonight’s been great. Adam and I went out he wore pleather. He was so

hot in them. ::wipes drool off keyboard:: Then we met up with Tara and Jessica.

That was fun. Adam and I talked about Angie and him and me and him and other

relationshipial type stuff. I was all dopped up too cause I have this shitty

ass cold. Grrr.

On the way home was ammusing. First I was driving and I hit something. I

didn’t realize I had hit something tell like 5 minutes later, and then I

was like, ohh. An animal. Then later I was just driving along and I was

coming up on this car infront of me really fast. So I looked down at my

seepomedor thinking they were just going really slow. Nope, I was doing

105. I was like, HOLY SHIT.

So yeah, that’s been today. I’ll try and expand on it some more when I get

a keybaord that I like.

Adam’s friends; Roy Ben; Pleather; Adam’s mom.

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