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Sept 21, 2001

Sept 21, [New Radicals, "I Don’t Wanna Die Anymore"]

I feel like shit. I didn’t get any sleep last night, and today I’ve got

this horrid ass cold. My nose is all clogged up and I can’t talk very well.

I just sucks.

I went to classes today. I was proud of myself. I was going to just get

up and go home and sleep all day. But in Engl today we were going to talk

about same-sex marriges. Most of the people in there supported them, but

the prof kept throwing out things against it to keep the conversation going.

It was cool. Had I been able to talk I would have input alot more information

and educated alot of people. But I couldn’t talk at all this moring.

I got my voice back before Soc, that class was amusing. Vero’s ass was

numb. I laughed a whole bunch. lol.

I also found out that my Math 150 class was cancelled, which pissed me

off cause well. Had I known it was going to be cancelled I would have taken

the appointment earlier in the day, but since I thought that I was going

to have class I took the one at 3. So that means I won’t be able to get

home and see Adam tell ike 5 or so. Grrr at that.

This weekends going to be really busy. I have to get my hair cut and highlighted.

I have to fix my grandma’s computer. I dunno what’s wrong with it this time,

but I heard she was bringing it up to my aunts to have her look at it and

I was like, WTF? My aunt knows nothing about computers. So I’m going to

go over there Saturday morning and look at it. Then I’m going out with Vero,

Mandy, Adam, Julian and a bunch of other people Saturday Afternoon. Then

Sat night Adam and I have to go to his house cause we have to watch his


I like burning CD’s for people. Today while I was waiting for class to

start I went and colored on them. I was amused, as should be the people

that get them.

I’m going to spend about $60 this weekend. Grrr. I owe Jules like 30 some

for the tickets. Yay for RENT!

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