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Sept 24, 2001

Sept 24, [Enigma, "Age Of Loneliness"]

Ok so Topics of the past:

One: On Friday night Adam and I ran into a bunch of people downtown that

he knew and such, like some of them were really hot, oh yeah. It was cool.

We also saw some other people that Adam knew from Ankeny or somewhere like

that, I forget their names, but one of them was semi-flirting with me. Yeah.

Two: I saw Roy Ben at Java Joes on Friday night as well. It was amusing,

I was wearing my sparkley blue shirt and he was like, "Nice shirt."

It was realy funny we talked about things.

Three: I want a pair or leather pants. Just for the hell of it. I know

I wouldn’t wear it that often, but it’d be cool for those few times that

I would wear them.

Four: I dunno what it is, but lately Adam’s mom seems to be touchy about

things. Just like when I’m there, she seems to always find something for

Adam to do, or she complains about something about Adam to me. I usually

humor her with some comment. But it seems that they (her and Rob) have been

overly vocal to Adam lately. I really don’t like being there when they are

yelling at him about something that he didn’t do. Like the other day Adam

was told to do the dishes (Well put them in the dishwasher). Well apperently

he didn’t wash them off first. So the next day when I was there, Rob yelled

(well he didn’t really yell, more like complained and vocalized his unhappyness

with Adam’s work) and I felt kinda bad about that, as though maybe I had

pushed him to get things done faster because I was there when he was doing

them. I dunno. It hurts me to see him get yelled at.

Ok things from yesterday:

One: Saturday afternoon we all went out in a large group. Xak, Mandy, Vero,

Ryan, Adam, Julian, and Me. Well I don’t know what it is, but when everyone’s

in a large group like that it really annoys me sometimes. Just the smallest

little things annoy me. I don’t know why, I mean I love hanging out with

everyone. And it’s usualy fun when we do go and hang out in the large group,

but it always seems that something, some small thing, that someone does

annoys the hell out of me. Saturday there were alot of little things that

annoyed the hell out of me, but the thing that really got to me was when

we were all at Adam’s house watching TV. Most everyone wanted to watch,

or didn’t have a problem with watching Robot Wars (or whatever remake of

that show it was we were watching). Well one person just kept complaining

about it until they finally changed it. Now you have to admit that there’s

really nothing that bad about watching robot wars, there’s nothing in that

show that would offend anyone or make someone really hate it. I can understand

that their personal preference they would have rather not watched it, but

in large groups you have to make compromises, that person didn’t want to

do that. Well after that they saw that South Park came on at 9:00 so they

turned it to that channel and finished watching whatever show was on there.

Well I have a total hatred of South Park, that show is so degrading and

they make fun of things that they shouldn’t make fun of. It’s just such

a horride show. I hate it with a passiona and I can’t even listen to the

voices of the people that are in that show, much less watch it. So I voiced

my opinion about watching it. But they watched it any how. That really pissed

me off. So I just got up and left. I hate that show.

Two: After everyone left Adam and I went and got his sister and came back

to his house to highlight my hair. Well we got that done, and it was cool.

But one thing that I had never seen done before was he took the cap off

before he washed my hair out, and it’s like the coolest thing in the world.

When you take the cap off, most of your hair is laying down, but wherever

it had been pulled through the cap is standing str8 up and it’s white, it

was sooooo cool. I wish I could do that everyday for my hair style it would

be awesome.

Three: I got my camera from my Grandpa Saturday as well. There was a role

of film in there, I didn’t know how long it had been in there or anything,

so I finished it off real quick and then took it in to be developed. Well

when I got it back, the pictures on the first half of the role were from

like 2 or 3 years ago now. And it looked as though the back had been opened.

So none of the other pictures turned out. I put in a role of black and white

film, since it was the cheapest, and I like black and white pictures better,

so I’m going to take pictures of things this week and take the film in next

weekend to see how that turns out.

Four: Adam and I went to the mall yesterday (Sunday) and I needed to get

some more RAM for my computer (since 256 megs was on sale of $39, I couldn’t

pass that up). We went to Best Buy and were standing in line back at the

computer area. Well if you’ve ever tried buying something from back there

you know that you usally have to stand in line forever and then once you

get to the counter you have to hunt someone down to get you a key to the

cabinet with the RAM in it. Well Adam and I had just walked up to the end

of the line, and some really hot guy that worked there came out from behind

the counter and asked us if we needed help. I was like, "Yeah, I need

RAM." So he went back and got the RAM and came out, and then we were

like, well we need to go shop some more, and you know how they have to escort

you up with the RAM to the front of the store, so we had to come back to

get it. Well we went and shopped and such and then came back, same thing

happened, we had just walked up to the end of the line, and that same, hot

guy, came out and asked if we were ready to go. We said yep and he got my

RAM and walked up to the front of the store with us. He was so cool. And

so flirting with us. lol

Five: While we were at the mall we ran into Jenna Rederus and someone else,

I forger her name now, but they were doing that spanish project, the datiung

video one. It was so funny, Adam and I were sitting there with Jenna checking

out hot guys. Good times there.

Six: I have no Idea what I wanted to talk about here with pictures. So


Seven: Rob saw the shirt that I was wearing Friday and he really liked

it. Well I changed shirts with Adam and he kept it Friday night. Well Saturday

Rob wanted to wear it. It was so amusing. Rob wanted to wear my buff gay

guys shirt. lol.

Eight: My cousin got a new puppy a while back. She’s so cute, heres a picture

of her. (The puppy, not my cousin)

Well that’s the end of things. Today so far has been really good for being

a Monday. I got alot of sleep last night and that was cool. Then I went

to English and she babbled alot, the hot guy talked to me and that was happy

times. She said that we had to buy another book for that class, so I went

to UBS and got it and on my way out I smelled coffee. So I went into instant

MUST HAVE COFFEE mood. I went over to that little Cafe thing and got a Hazelnut

Latte. It was really good, but at $4.00 for a 16oz. Way overpriced. I want

Java Joe’s here on campus. After that I went up and sat and read my Soc

book, that was boring, but I’m half way through chapter 1, only like 5 more

chapters to go before next Monday when the test it. I should be able to

do it. I don’t know what to expect on this test though. They say half of

it’s from lecture and half of it’s from the book. Well I mean, what are

they going to cover, it’s only 50 questions. And there’s a hell of alot

of stuff in the book and the lecture that seems important that I’m sure

isn’t. Grrr. I wish they would give out a sample test. Then in Soc class

the really hot gay guy sat right in front of me. I was drooling. He’s so

hot. lol. After that I came back here, fun times. It smells in here. I have

the window open. It’s cold outside. I love the fall though. It’s like the

best time of year and the things I like about it most is the leaves changing

colors and the ability to wear sweaters like very day. I LOVE sweaters.

Ok so this is one LONG update, and there’s more to it, but unfortunately

it’s private. So this is the end of what you see. Laters all.

NOTE: The private entry would have been posted, but I can’t seem to find it now… Opps my bad.

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