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Sept 24, 2001 #2

Sept 24, #2 [Bond, "Kismet"]

So today I got a bunch of HRC stickers. I felt I wanted one on my door

to show that I support equality for all. You know, just like the sticker

means. Sure on the back it talks mostly about gay rights, but the sticker

in general means Equality for all. Well I left, for lunch and then class.

When I got back from my class the sticker was gone. I went into the room,

not really caring where it went. I came in and the roomie was sitting here,

he said "Do you have a minute." I said "Yes." He then

went on to say that he had taken it down because he didn’t support the cause.

I asked him if he knew what the cause was and he said something along the

lines of promoting homosexuality. I informed him that the sticker meant

equality for all and he went on to say that the sticker was "Pro-Homosexuality"

and that it was promoting homosexual beliefs. At this time I was about ready

to rip his head off. But I kept my calm and just said fine. I feel though

that he was in the wrong as to have taken that sticker off the door. It

is my room also and I feel that I should be able to put something like that

on the door to our room. I don’t complain about his loud, inconsiderate,

degrading Tv shows that he watches, or how he comes in and takes over the

room, or how he thinks that he has the ulitmate say in here. I haven’t bitched

at him once about that. Nor did I bitch when there were two bible carrying

preists occupying my room one day when I got back from class and the went

on to have a religious type thing in here, which I was highly annoyed with.

I didn’t bitch, I was calm. It’s a simple sticker, a sticker that promotes

equality for all. Adam said that I have to remember it is his room to, and

I agree. But you know most of the people that know what that sticker mean

are the people that support the cause. He’s not going to be labeld because

of that one sticker. It’s promoting equality, what’s wrong with that in

this world where so many people hate each other? What’s wrong with that?

I went and took lots of pictures this evening too. I hope they turn out

good. I can’t wait to get them in tomorrow!

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