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Sept 24, 2001 #3

Sept 24, #3 [Delerium, "Euphoria"]

AHHHHHHH. I hate myself. It hurts me so much when I can’t be places for

things that I want to be at. I hear all these stories about how how much

fun people had there, and then I feel so much worse about the fact that

I couldn’t go. It hurts me so much. I want to be there, and if I can’t be

there I want to know about what happens there. And then with this whole

Adam thing getting the GSA started up so well. I’m so proud of him, but

at the same time it hurts me. I tried getting one going at DSU, but it failed

horribly. It sucks so much. I worked my ass off to get that thing going,

but I didn’t get any support from anyone and he gets it going so quickly,

I know that he put alot of work into it, I know that he’s working hard on

it. But it’s just so annoying to know that I failed at something that I

put so much work into. But I’m so so so proud that he’s doing such a great

job at it.

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