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Sept 25, 2001

Sept 25, [The Doors, "The End"]

So 12 hours after I left my dorm room this morning, I’m just returning.

Grrr. I hate Tuesday’s cause they are such a long day, but today, today

would have been a FUCKING PERFECT day had I not had to work all day.

Things I LOVE about Fall: The cool, perfect sweater wearing weather, the

perfect sleeping temp, the changing leaves, the crunch of the leaves on

the ground as you walk, the smell of firewood in the fireplace, the perfect

sunsets and sunrises, there’s just so much that I love about this time of


Today Adam and I had a really long talk. He’s not doing too well. I’m here

for him and he knows that, so we’re talking about everything. I hope he

gets better soon. I don’t like seeing him like this.

Work was work today. I sat around for most of the day cause I was encoding

stuff on all my machines that I use, All four of them. It took all day to

encode all the shit that I had to get done, once I get the ports in the

firewall opened I’ll show you what I’ve been doing. I saw funny movies of

Omar, Sarah Luke, Lindsey, and a bunch of other NP’s today. I laughed at

them, and so did Barb. I see how people that sit in offices all day get

fat. It’s really easy to just sit there and munch on things and no realize

it. I’m going to have to stop taking lunch to work.

I took my roll of B&W film in today. They said it’s going to take 7

days to get it back, bastards. I wanted it done in the normal 2 day service.

I don’t understand why it takes so much longer. Neither did the techy that

was working.

I guess that’s all for today. I’ve got a big test tomorrow that I don’t

want to study for, and I’ve got the alliance meeting, and I’ve got the Career

Fair that I have to go to for a damn class. Grrrrr.

I can’t wait tell Oct. 😉

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