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Sept 25, 2001 #2

Sept 25, #2 [Joan Osborne, "What If God Was One Of Us"]

I think I’m pregnant. I’ve had like tons of wierd cravings today, first

it was peanut butter this morning, so I went and got a box of those Peanut

Butter Toasty Crackers. I LOVE them. Then I had a craving for a latte, and

now I want pizza and celery with peanut butter. Grrr. I want some good food.

I’m going to have to buy lots of snacks this weekend.

Dean randomly called me. It was amusing, they’re having computer problems

and needed help, good times. I haven’t seen Dean in like forever. I should

go hang out with him sometime.

Adam and I have been scaring people and ourselves lately. We think so much

alike, you have no idea how many times we say the same thing at the same

time. It’s hilarious.

I had no idea that the nipple was such a sensitive body part.

Yay for randomness. I want to talk to Adam now.

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