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Sept 26, 2001

Sept 26 [No Doubt, "Don’t Speak"]

I was in a fairly good mood today, that is until about 1 or so. Grrrr.

Oh well. I’m feeling a bit better now. It’s finally Wed night and the weekends

almost here. Although I hear Adam’s pretty sick, that’s not good. Hmmm.

I hope I didn’t give it to him. If he’s not better I might have to make

him some soup or something. lol

Not much really going on today. I went to classes, it was class. We had

a Math test tonight though, grrrr. It kicked my ass. We couldn’t use calculators

at all, so it took me longer then it would have, but I kick ass when I don’t

use a calculator. I didn’t think I was that good in math. But still I don’t

think I got the inverse of the matrix right. It was a hard question. And

then he put something on the test that I’ve never even heard of. It was

from Econ though, so I used my Econ knowledge to solve it but I don’t think

I got the answer that he was looking for. I got what an Econ prof would

be looking for. Oh well we’ll see what I get.

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