My Life

June 8, 2001

june 8, [brian setzer, "since i don’t have you"] well it’s 4 and

we’re having free time. i got to hang out with my webelos tell noon then i

had to go and do BSA training. so that sucked i really liked my group. that

kid, his names travi, is so damn adorable. he was so cute this morning. we

got our staff shirts today, they are ugly, they have a huge smiley face on

the front that looks like the wal-mart smiley and on the back it says in HUGE

letters, "STAFF." they are really ugly, but they are better then

having to wear Class A’s all day. so yeah. there’s really not much to write

about now. i’m supposed to be working on Eagle Bound Olympics stuff, we have

to get two more games and cut to, don’t ask me why, that’s just what i was

told and that’s what we are doing. so yep. that’s it. i’m going to go see

if i can get that stuff done real quick and then go hang out with my cubs

for the rest of the time tell supper. laters.

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