My Life

June 8, 2001

june 8, #2 [soul decision, "no one does it better"] well today

has just been so awsome. omg, well it’s 10:20 and i’m just now getting back

for the evening. after i wrote the last one i went out and hung with my guys

at the pool that was really cool, they tried throwing me in, but they never

made it, but they still managed to get me really wet. then after supper we

had a staff meeting we got the evening programs all done out and stuff. that

was fun doing all the skits and stuff tomorrows going to be really busy though.

then after the meeting i went back to my packs camp site and hung out with

them, they had a ceremony there for all the new scouts in camp so i helped

them with that by singing songs and stuff. that was soo cool. and omg i travi

is so damn adorable, i really hope that if i ever have kids they are like

him. he’s so cute. to bad he’s only 10. roflol. no, seriously he’s really

adorable. i wish i could do cub scout camp all summer. that would be so much

fun. well it’s late, so i’m going to head to bed now. it’s going to be another

long one tomorrow.

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