My Life

June 7, 2001

june 7, [divine, "walk like a man"] well it’s 10:00 PM and this

is the first time i’ve been back to my tent since 7 this morning. today was

the fiirst day of cub scout camp and i got to be a guide. i love cub camp,

it’s so much fun. there’s this adorable little kid in my group he’s so cool.

i love him to death. if i were to have a kid, i’d want him to be like that

kid. he’s got the cutest blond hair and he’s just so adorable i don’t know

how to explain it. and then we’ve got this new stafff memeber today too. he’s

so fucking gay, either that or way fem. it’s really funny, but oh well he’s

ok i guess. well not much really going on today other then checking the cubs

in. have i mentioned i LOVE cub scout camp. i really do. i wish i could do

this all summer, you get to spend the whole day in the campsite with the kids

and it’s just so much fun. i hope i get to do it again tomorrow, but i probably

won’t cause staff training starts again at 9. oh those kids are so cute too,

i was introducing myself and i go like this "hi, i’m chris, i also go

by, cj, christopher, justin, j, whatever." so they are calling me "sally"

now, it’s really cool. i love this group of kids, i usually can’t stand the

adults, but i love the kids. especially that one kid, his nickname is gravy,

i don’t even know his realy name, but he’s just so fucking adorable. i so

wish that if i have kids they are like him. lol. well i have alot to do yet

and i want to get to bede early, so i’m going to go now, laters all.

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