My Life

June 6, 2001

june 6, [green day, "minority"] well it’s 5:00. i’ve been up since

7 or so. i had another fucking mouse in here last night and the damn thing

kept me up all night. it was running back and forth from side to side of my

tent and making tons of noise, kept me up all damn night. grr. today we worked

in scoutcraft again, we got the orienteering course set up, got eagle bound

olympics figured out, got some orienteering games set up and figured out.

walked up to frankel ridge out to the abandoned campsite to see if we could

use it for some stuff. it looked good, so we’re going to use it. we also found

a brand new saw up there. it had the plastic still on the handle, only thing

is the blade is rusted like no other, but it’s cool. i think the rest of the

areas are still working, but we’re done with everything in scoutcraft and

it’s all set up, so we left early. suppers in about an hour any how, so yeah.

that’s cool. it’s wed night so it’s the sucky supper too. i dunno what for

sure it is, but i know it’s going to suck like shit. yep. so that’s my day

today. fun fun fun. laters all.

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