My Life

June 5, 2001

june 5, #3. [west end, "it’s raining men"] well i got that damn

mouse out, we had quite the go round, it was pretty funny, but i shoed him

out the door and he ran over to tony’s tent, hehe, he can deal with that damn

thing. lol. i dunno really how it go in, i thought these were pretty well

done up against mice and such. i’ll have to get smokey to come look at this

tent, there must be a tear in the screen somewhere under the decking or something.

ok well just as i was writing that i saw the damn thing sneak back across

my floor and i shined my flashlight at him and i saw him run out the little

spot that he came in at. so i followed him out side and killed him. i really

didn’t want to have to, but damnit. i’m not going to share my fucking tent

with a mouse. damn nasty little things. then i stuck a dryer sheet thing in

the hole that he had come in, cause i guess they hate that smell or something.

i know you’re supposed to put steelwool in there cause they can’t chew through

that, but i don’t have any of it right now. so i guess that’s what i had to

do. ok well it’s 9:20 and i’ve finshed my eagle bound requirments. so i guess

i’m going to head out and see what all is going on round here. mostly nothing,

but it never hurts to look does it.

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