Oct 16, 2000

Afternoon Monday October 16, 2000. well today hasn’t been very good. finally

got our chem test back…got a “d” on it….damn. also failed my

last homework assingment. fuck this shit i hate chemistry. i’m going to go

in and talk to the pro tomorrow. i can’t beleive i got a “d” on

it i thought i did so good. o well. well i am finally caught up on my chem

assingments though that’s a good thing even though i probobly failed all of

them to. damn it i hate my life. well haven’t talked to danny yet today…that

sucks but he is normally on later in the evening so maybe i will still gat

a chance to talk to him. I’ve been looking at costs to fly out and see him

but it’s to damn expensie i would have to drive all the way to lincoln to

get the cheapest fares and that’s still $346.98 i can’t afford that at the

moment. well maybe some day i will get to see him..i still hanve’t got a pic

of him that makes me kinda pived. but i love him for who he is and not for

what he looks like..i think that brings a closer to each other…..even though

we are still thousands of miles apart. hmmm wonder when his spring break is.

maybe we could do a road trip and meet half way. i really need a job. i think

i need to take som eof that paxil stuff……i hate talkig to people……i

hate my life all together maybe i really am depressed. hmm I’m dignosing myself.

maybe i should go into psychology instead of computers…i like to help people.

well i thnk that is all for now.

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