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3 Days, 12 Hours

So this weekend has consisted of over 24 hours worth of driving, over 1200 miles on my car, a 40 hour stretch of not sleeping, but best of all…

3 days and 12 hours of getting to see my Drew Bear again!!

Thursday, I got up about 6:30 AM, and that began 40 hours of being awake, went to my first two classes and then decided to skip the next one, so I headed home for the afternoon to sit around and attempt to nap some. Couldn’t nap, so I sat ar my computer and played with Karamba. Got it working, and it’s tons of fun. Though it seems to crash every couple hours. Very annoying. I’ll have to look into that more some other time.

As I was sitting around, I heard a knock on my door and was like, “Who the hell is that”…. So I went and answered it, and it was FLOWERS from my Drew Bear. Very exciting.

About 3, I headed back to campus for my last class, because the CEO of Hy-Vee was supposed to be there to speak, but for some reason he wasn’t. Very annoying.

From class it was back to my place, where I attempted to nap agagin. Though that didn’t work out too well. I spent most of the night watching TV, and stupid reality shit. Grr at that.

Started getting ready to leave about 10:30 that night, and was out the door at 11. I had brought along the Dell from work, so that I could have live navagation, and most of all, so that once we got into Chicago, we could easily find our way around, and find a place to eat when we got there at 5 am the next morning. I had had it plugged in all day long, to charge, but when I went to start it up, it only lasted about 10 minutes. So I was driving blind all the way to chicago….

Luckily I stopped at a C-store and there was a nice man there, who let me plug in the computer and get my directions to the airport. Which consistes of only three things.. I-80E to I-55N, then get off at Exit 286. So it was way easy to find. Traffic once I got into Chicago was amazingly bad for being 4:30 in the morning, but not NEAR as horrible as it was leaving Monday night. Got to the airport with just enough time to go potty before Andrew arrived.

I was very excited to see him, and as soon as I saw him pratically running towards me, my heart started beating really hard. We hugged and kissed there in the Airport and then went to try and find a place to eat. We couldn’t find anything close by (as in Perkins/Village-Inn), so decided to go drive around Chicago and see what we could find. Kinda got a bit lost, but it wasn’t too bad, found a hotel in downtownish Chicago, and went in and asked the lady at the desk where a good place for breakfast was… And also one that was OPEN at 6:30 in the morning.

She sent us to Nookies, which wasn’t the greatest… It was some Russian woman running it, and she was fairly rude to us. But only us, because she was very nice to everyone else that came in. Bitch. We got breakfast and then hung out there talking for about an hour. After that headed out to try and find out way back to the Aquarium.

Got really lost this time, and had no idea where we were. Though we did get to see some nice areas of the city, so that was fun. Chicago is really pretty. I’d like to live there for a bit. Probably not an extensive amount of time though. Finally found our way back to Lake Shore Drive, but couldn’t for the life of us figure out how the hell you were supposed to turn ONTO the street. Very crazy! Finally figured it out, but we were going the wrong way… Eventually got turned around and got to the aquarium, just as it was opening.

It cost $9 to park. 🙁 and $21 to get in. It was nice, though not worth the $21. I think just getting the City pass, if we had had time, would have been much more worth it though. I think we made it worth it though… If you know what I mean 😉

It was about noon when we broke from there and started the trek back home. That didn’t seem to take as long as the drive there, probably because I had someone’s hand to hold onto, and someone to talk with! 😀

Stopped a few times on the way back, nothing too exciting though. Got back to Ames and hung out at my apartment for just a few minutes then headed to Hickory Park. The wait was really long, so we all decided to go somewhere else. That was a bad idea. Should have just stayed there and waited. EVentually we all decided on Perkins, after vetoing Mexican and Pizza.

It seriously took like 40 minutes just to get our food at Perkins, Very annoying and our waiter was stupid. I swear. What is it with people!

After supper we went back to my place and just hung out for a while. Good times there. Then everyone broke and Andrew and I went to bed… Thus ending 40 hours of awakness.

Sautrday morning we got up, and hung out at my place, ate breakfast and then went to the Science center. It was pretty fun, much smaller then I remember. But still cool. It was worth the $5.50.

From there it was to the mall. Which has just lost all appeal to me. It’s just not as fun anymore to go there. Whatever, I guess that’s probably a good thing. Everything is just always the same, no matter how long you wait inbetween visits, it all seems to be the same everytime. Whatever.

Mall to Andrew’s where we hung out for a bit. I stole some more of thier old food, which is still amazingly good. lol. We didn’t really do much there, but get a movie and a few other things for him. It’s crazy that the house still looks the same as it did when they all left. lol. Well with the addition of rings in the toliets, and spider webs everywhere.

We left his house about 1:40 and I took him over to Wells Fargo, Dropped him off and then went back home. Hung out there and made cookies while he ate lunch with Ann H, and Court.

Andrew and Court came back to my place about 4:30 or so. Hung out for a bit and then Court left. Andrew and I watched the Simpsons, which was fun. I always enjoy them. About 6:30 or so, we went upstairs and made dinner, then headed out to downtown.

Got caught up on all the gossip, I really want to go to the strip club now, just to laugh at all the sluts… Apparetnly everyone in DM sleeps with EVERYONE else. And James Hamilton has had sex with like everyone in the state. What a whore.

Hung out there for a bit, then went back to my place. Hot tubbed and then back to Ames, where we both crashed about as soon as we set foot in the door.

Sunday we got up, ate a quick breakfast then I fixed Andrew’s PS emulator. He said I could have whatever I wanted for getting it fixed, but I never did… 🙁 Oh well. Once we were done with that, we headed over to my Aunts house.

The small child was there, and Andrew was so cute playing with it. He’s always really cute with kids, though he always says he doesn’t want any, and that he hates them.

We broke from there about 2ish, and came back to campus cause I wanted to go to the Design thing and then the Art Museum here. The Design thing was closed, and the Art thing wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped.

From there we went and rented a movie. I wanted something that was exciting/funny. He decided on “The Ring”. It was a very scary movie, though not as scary as he made it out to be. I really wouldn’t want to see it again.

Bryce and Jamie came over during that, once it was done, I made dinner. We all ate, then they broke quickly after that. Andrew and I watched the Simpsons, and then hung around my place for the rest of the night. Including a cry fest.

Monday morning, we got up. I really wanted him to come to my class with me, but we got up just as I heard the last bus that went to campus, so missed it. Opps.

Hung out for a while, got ready to go, ate breakfast. Watched Springer. Very amusing, two 19 year olds sleeping with a 50 something, who had REALLY long grey hair and only two teeth. It was supper gross. But funny all at the same time.

Once he was over, we broke and drove back to Chicago. Traffic was fairly annoying on the way there, a bit more construction then there was on Friday. Over all not too bad of a drive. We went into the airport and just sat around for about 20 minutes talking and saying goodbye. It’s always very sad to see him go again. It really doesn’t get any easier each time.

Around came 5:12pm, and he walked down the security lane, and I turned and walked to the parking garage. Thus ending 3 days and 12 hours of time together. And starting 40 days until we get to see each other again.

I left, crying and I’m sure the parking attendant thought I was crazy. Went out and turned the wrong way and in turning around no one would let me back into traffic. It was all horrible. Once I was finally out of Chicago which took tell 6pm, it rained the WHOLE way back to Des Moines. And I’m talking RAIN! Not just sprinkles, or rain, but RAIN RAIN RAIN!

Very annoying. Though I managed to average between 75-80mph the whole way back. I walked in my door right at 11pm. Called Andrew to say night, talked to him for a couple minutes and then went to bed.

Amazingly the hardest thing isn’t leaving him at the airport when he leaves, it’s coming back to an Empty house, and an empty bed after he leaves. I of course laid there in my empty bed and cried to sleep.

After only about 6 hours of sleep, my alarm went off and I had to get up and go to class. I was half asleep in class this morning. Good thing I was at least able to keep my eyes open, because he’s a big stickler about people sleeping in his class. You know the ones, that come up and ask you a question when they see that you are sleeping. Very annoying.

After that class I went to my second one, where I did sleep through most of it. From there I went and read my e-mail in Carver. I was just reading this one about a meeting that I have today from 12-1pm when the Fire alarms went off.

So I had to evacuate, and since I hadn’t fully read the e-mail. I headed to Durham to see what it was all about.

It was an e-mail about the Yucatan trip. So I went there at noon, and she talked and talked and talked about the trip, and then the last thing she did, she handed out letters that says, “Congradulations….” So YAY! I get to go to Mexico over spring break.

I’m WAY excited about that. And there’s a Gaysian in the group, so at least there’s family going! Plus there’s a guy that I know is going too, so it should be good.

Well, that’s about all for today.

Laters all!

My Life

Aug 27, 2001 #2

Aug 27, #2 [BBMak, "Back Here"]

Ok so my Math 150 teacher is Russian, he has some funky ass name: Petr

Vojtechovsky. How in the hell do you pronounce that. It should be an interesting

semester with him, he seems amusing so far. They fucked up my schedule though,

this class isn’t supposed to have recitation with it, but it does, and the

recitation is the same time as my Lib 160 class, which I only have to go

to the first one for, but still, and I’m also supposed to be working at

that time. So in otherwords, I’m supposed to be in 3 places at once, so

I don’t know how that’ll work out.

My mechanic called my house today. I called them, and they said he was

at lunch and that he would call me back around 1:15. Well I waited here

tell 1:30 when I had to leave for a class and he still hadn’t called me

back. When I got back at 3 I called again, and they said he was in a meeting.

They took my phone number this time, and said he would call back in the

next hour or so. It’s been an hour and still nothing. Grrr. I’m never taking

my car back to them, and by the way, it’s Westside Auto Pros. Don’t go there.

I found out that we have call waiting here which will be cool, cause well

it’s call waiting.

I still don’t want to be here. I really don’t. I talked to Adam for a bit

today on-line. It seems he’s still having problems with the days as well.

Grrr. Hopefully things will get better though. Hopefully.

Horroscopes Lie: Aquarius is coming into an exciting

time of the month. Spirits and energy run high for the next few days, which

is a welcome change to the mood you’ve been experiencing. It’s fun to be

around people in love for once, especially if you’re one of them. During

this period of bliss, it’s important to remember that everyone comes from

a common ancestry. There are no enemies, aliens or even strangers. Your

motto for tonight should be ‘live and let live.’

My roomie just talked to me about my being gay, he said that he was cool

that I was open and honest about things and all that jazz, but that nothing

could happen in this room, which isn’t really a big deal since well, I’m

stilla virgin and I plan on staying that way for a while at least, well

maybe not that long, but long enough, hehe.