First Week!

Well, the first week of the new job… It’s been interesting.

Everyone here is very nice, but I really do need to learn Spanish as it seems most of the employees know it here and they like to speak it a lot! There’s already been a slight language barrier between me and some of the people’s names… IE: Hymay = Jamie, apparently?

Other then that lots of crazy stuff. This company pays nearly $25k a MONTH in phone bills! Redic! Of course nothing is documented, the contractors are complete idiots who have been doing all this work. I asked them on Tuesday for a list of all the passwords, the guy says he doesn’t know any of them then gets on the phone and says that his people are “working on it”. It’s Thursday and I still do not have that information. They sent me passwords to get onto one of the systems they have and I tried signing in, no luck. So I email them and tell them that the passwords do not work. I get a reply back with the SAME username and password. I ask them THREE times to change it and they do not. It still doesn’t work!

THEN I get the password for another of their system and they are like: “Include the quotes in your password”… WHO THE FUCK does that? Redic!

Other then that, life has been good. I spent last night hanging out with Manny up at the gym. That was very entertaining, this crazy lady who was working out there came over and started talking to us and she said. “You boys should come see me sing tonight, I’m going to be signing tonight, at this bar, I’ll be singing”. Hilarious! She had TONS of make up plastered on.

I also started my personal trainer again. I was in lots of pain on Tuesday from that, he had me do this hand-bike thing for Cardio. The sucky part is that his schedule is changing, so now I have to go in at 6am on Tuesdays!

This new schedule of working 8-5 has me feeling like I have far less time to do stuff around the house! I feel much more pressed for time and not as relaxed as I used to.

I cannot wait for my first paycheck! 🙂 Did I mention the $1,500 thing with WR? Anyways, a few days after my last day there I get an email saying that they needed me to repay the $1,500 loan for moving expenses up to Redondo. When I moved up here, they said they would “Pay for moving expenses to compensate for being asked to move up to LA”.. Well now they are saying it was a loan?! I think NOT! Ugh, very annoying. If they take it out of my last paycheck, I will be taking them to small claims court. This is unacceptable!

Other then that, things have been going great, life is good, friends are great, and I do enjoy the new job, but it’ll take some time to get used to. No throwing up this time!