April 1, 2001

April 1, well it’s april fools day, i hate this day, i really do. arg. i

slept in today, that felt nice, i’m still damn sore though. arg. it sucks.

i can barely walk at all. i really need to get out and run more, lol. oh well,

not much goingon here yet, it’s 1:03 (did everyone do that stupid clock thingy?)

i hate that to, why can’t we all be like AZ and not change our clocks? maybe

i’ll move there, so then i don’t have to put up with that stupid clock shit,

yeah, that’s a good idea, lol. it’s really nice out today, almost all the

snow is gone off the ground exept the HUGE piles from where the plowed the

parking lot, but those are getting smaller everyday. i really love spring.

i do. lol.

March 31, 2001

march 31. i love spring, i really do, it’s such a beautiful

time of year, i wish it could be srping year round, you know that. i really

do, last night after it rained it snowed, and by the time i got up at 9:30

it was sooooooo nice out it had to have been like 45 or so and now it’s probobly

about 60 it’s so nice. nm going on here, you know it’s the weekend. only 4

days tell danny’s b-day. hehe, last night was so funny, julian put a thing

to the loop that he was going to add danny to the list, and i happened to

have been on the phone with danny when i got the e-mail, so i told danny,

and after a bit, he eventually got added, i think. lol. it’d be really funny

if he was on there. lmao

March 30, 2001

march 30 #3. i love the rain, i really do. it’s raining here,

and i just got back from a 45 minute jog. it’s so nice out. i love it, it’s

just raining hard enough to get you wet, but not soaking wet. i really do

love it, it could rain everyday and i would love it. you know what i really like though are thunderstorms, oh yeah. i really like those. the lightning,

the crash, i just wish i could cuddle up close to the person i love and just

watch the lightening. it’s so cool. but people are annoying to, you wouldn’t

beleive the number of people that rolled thier windows down and yelled stupid

things at me. it’s like dumbshits, i was warmer and drier then they were,

i have this really cool coat it’s called a second skin, and it works just

like that, no matter how hard it’s raining, it’ll keep you sooooooo dry and

warm, it’s so nice. and my boots are waterproof, so i can stand in a puddle

of water that’s like 6″ deep and my feet will still be dry, they’ll be

cold, but dry, cause that’s the way they are made, to cool off your feet when

you stand in water, but to keep them dry, it’s really cool, and comes in handy out there in the woods. lol.

March 30, 2001

march 30 #2. today’s really fucking boring, we don’t have any

classes today, so my roomie is still fucking sleeping, the ddumbshit, why

couldn’t he have dgone home this fucking weekend? damnit. i was up tell like

1 this morning and then got up at 7 and just kinda laid there, i think i fell

asleep again, but i remember finally getting out of bed at like 9, but ya

know talking about bed and sleeping, i remember this dream i had last night.

i don’t know what the hell was going on, but i was walking into polk city

and the whole town was just like dead, it was like a ghost town or something,

but 415 was now like 4 lanes, but it was all dirt and i got to about where

the LCF was, and it was still there. and as i was walking past John, some

guy i used to work with, drove by and stopped and offered me a ride home,

and that’s where it ended, but it was just wierd cause no one else was driving

and the town was just like dead, and i was walking in from somewhere, i don’t

know where, but i remember that i had a backpack and stuff, yeah it was weird.

oh i don’t remember if i already talked about this or not, but i called that

guy from sf like 4 times last night, but he never answered his phone, so i

dunno, i’m just gonna kinda forget bout him, unless he e-mails me or something.

i went to sf today and drove around some, i drove through the Augie campus,

but didn’t happen to spot him, i think it would be pretty easy to spot him,

i don’t know why, but i just have this feeling. you know how it goes. I wanna

learn the permissions on this win2k better, but i don’t want to take the chance

of killing it, so i’m not going to do much, and plus with them cracking down

on server software on thier network i don’t want to take the chance of accidently

opening a hole somewhere. lol. I”m getting much bettter downloads though

then i was with WinMe, i like not being in the cap, and with everyone else

capped yet, yeah, it’s so much better, .

March 30, 2001

March 30, so i had a thing here and dreamweaver died on me,

so this one’s not going to be as good. 🙁 things that are cool: Kohls, Win2k,

the anonymity of MSN, and palying with people’s minds over MSN. Kohls is really

cool. i went there and bought some stuff to work out in, yeah you heard me

work out. i gotta get back to my walking 20 miles a day, lol. but ok, this

stuff would have been like $60 normally, but i got it for $20, i was so happy.

lol. i can never go into kohls with out walking out with something, they have

some really cool stuff there. Win2k is cool too cause it’s been up for 1day,

20 hours, 24 minutes, and 13 seconds and it’s still going strong, if i were

still in WinMe i would have had to reboot a couple times by now cause yesterday

i was doing some pretty heavy graphics work. hehe, MSn is just cool to cause

there’s this guy here that i like, he’s pretty cute,

but i don’t think he’s gay, so i wasn’t like wanting to just walk up to him

and talk to him, cause youknow me, i’m just shy like that, lol. but yeah,

so i did a little research on him (figured out his name, wow hard work) and

found his MSN signin, so i added him to my thing and you know how it tells

you when someone adds you to thier list, well when he got on he was like “Who

is this” and i just played with his mind he’s pretty cool. but i still

don’t think he’s gay. I dunno, but that’s why i took the links off the front

page, cause i gave him my web addy, so i’ll leave those off for a few days.

and then i’ll put them back. I usually see him in the morning in the tc, and

we usually end up sitting next to each other at the computers, so i’ll talk

to him on monday, or whenever i see him next. Speaking of him, there he is.