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June 27, 2001

june 27, #2 [tonic, "my old man"] i just got an e-mail from justin,

Anyway, i plan on seeing people (yet i dont believe they

know im coming yet lol) So since ive been in contact with you how abouts i

start making plans with you and email everyone else so we can all get together!

Something like that should work methinks…..we should go see moulin rouge!

😀 actually heres another thought as well….we should seriously go see moulin

rouge go eat or something, kinda like a date….but just for fun (ive never

been on a date so thus it would be cool) it wouldnt have to be anything serious….just

something fun to do….but anyway the main plan for saturday is i get off

work at 4pm so i would be coming down after work (obviously lol) so maybe

we could meet somewhere or something? Write back with any thoughts…..tata

umm, yeah what do i say to that. oh i haven’t told the story about my parents

and jules either have i. well the other day when jules and i went to ISU.

well my parents thought we were on a date. hehe, that was funny. i was like,

"umm, NO" but they kept going on and on, i think they may be taking

it a bit to well.

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