My Life

June 27, 2001

june 27, [o town, "all for love"] well today’s been another day.

yep. i started this morning mowing the yard, got the lawn mower stuck between

two trees, that was not good. then this afternoon ang called and i went over

there. hung out there for a bit then we went and got dean, he has a nice apartment.

then we went back to ang’s and called adam, but he wasn’t there, so we went

out for supper, we went to villige inn, that was cool, good food. then we

called adam again and his phone was busy so we went over that way, he wasn’t

home. so we went to kim’s house. i met kim, yay. now when they say, "kim

did…" i know who they are talking about. we hung out there tell like

10:30 or so, and then ang and i took dean home, then i took ang home, then

i went to wal-mart and bought some CD’s, O town and train. they’re cool. now

i’m here and getting ready to head out to the hot tub. so night all. oh almost

forgot, if i get my arse in gear, they’ll soon be a major site change.

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