My Life

June 26, 2001

june 26, [ joi cardwell, "run to you"] well tonight’s been another

one of those great nights. about noon mandy and i went to jules and woke him

up, then we finished watching QaF, that was great, jules sister was in the

other room and could hear it all. then we left and shit and went MHM for lunch

that was good, then everyone had to go to work. so i came home and zach called

me cause he was with ang and some other people, but the PU’s were bitching

at me about not being home much so i stayed home. then after they went to

bed i left and went to wal-mart to see jules and to fill out an app, which

i did. then i went to java joes there were a few cute guys there, but not

much so i left and went to the loop, there was nothing but child molesting

vans there, so i left there too and went to K&G to talk to mandy, by that

time it was 9:45 or so, and i just hung there tell she got off. we called

jules and dean was there, so they came over and we hung out, we ended up at

the west side, and yeah, that was cool, we just talked. i’d like to have some

personal time to talk with jules, but everytime we’re together there’s someone

else there. oh well, it’ll come. it’s now 1:40 am and i’m thinking i’m gonna

head to bed, so nighties all

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