June 24, 2001

june 24, #2 [matchbox 20, "girl like that"] heh, well i’ve got

5 minutes tell june 25, but oh well. today’s been cool. i got up about 12,

i’m well rested now, 🙂 i’ve been catching up with people since i got home,

ya know, e-mails and such. today jules and i went up to ISU and checked out

the "campus" well we checked out the guys that were there more,

but yeah, i paid attention to the campus too. then we drove round ames some,

checking out other guys, lol. there were a few. lol, then we went back to

his house and called adam, but he was sick, so we called mandy, well actually

we called mandy first, but her phone was busy, so then we called adam and

then mandy again, she wasn’t doing anything so we went and got her. then we

went back to jules house and watched QaF series 1, and that was the night,

it was a good night. yep. good times. someone left the back door open and

all the lights in here on and there are little bugs flying all over my computer

and it’s really buggin the hell out of me damnit. ok well it’s late and i’m

thinking a hot tub sounds good about now, laters all

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