We broke up last night

We have been through so much over the past year and through everything I have fought to make you the one that’s most important in my life. I love you and care about you and I don’t doubt that you care about me too and have been a loyal loving boyfriend.

But over the past year we have always fought over the same thing. Last night it was the same argument yet again and I just don’t think I can continue on like this.

I told you a few months ago what I wanted out of a relationship.

– someone who asks about my day and takes an interest in my life. Someone who wants to text me all day long
– Someone who wants to go on walks with me and Astra and someone who wants to do and experience the same things in my life
– Someone who is passionate and wants to have physical intimacy with me
– A best friend

Over the past couple months things have been getting better, you’ve been trying harder. And I’ve been trying to let you be you and not pressure you into talking or fucking.

But the thing that I keep tripping up on is that I shouldn’t have to beg my boyfriend to talk to me. I shouldn’t have to beg my bf for sex. It should be natural

I see you at tennis class. You know how to naturally talk to other people. But you seem to be completely incapable of giving me the same respect and treatment

When I told you about my raise and my promotion the only thing you said was “My Christmas present is gonna be amazing”.

No good job babe, no congratulations.

When I told you about them finally announcing the new role and title you didn’t ask what it was. Or what my duties were.

I should feel loved and supported through these things. I should have a bf who’s proud of my accomplishments just as I show you how proud I am of yours. Instead I feel resented and envied.

I want to make this work. I’ve put in so much effort to try and make you happy. To try and show you how much I want you and care about you. But I just don’t feel a return of those feelings. Again, I should never have to beg my bf to talk to me about my life

One year ago. You dumped me to go be with Eric. I spent that month every day begging and wishing you’d come back. You have but now I think it’s time that we just move on from each other. I don’t know if at this point it’s fixable.

I love you, but goodbye.

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