Hudson Property Management – Ankeny, IA

I hired Hudson property management in July, 2021 to manage 78 units. By July 2022 they had lost me over $100k in rent income. They are terrible property managers who allowed multiple people to get 6-8 months behind on rent racking up over $40,000 in delinquency even after I pushed them multiple times to start eviction processes. They failed at just the basics of property management, collecting rent.

They are also terrible at turning units and getting them prepped for new tenants. When I terminated Hudson property there were 6 units vacant units which had been vacant for months with Matt saying he was having a “very tough time” finding tenants. I posted the 6 units online on a Monday and by Friday had signed leases and deposits in hand.

I’ve had tenant after tenant tell me horror stories about how they failed to reply to messages. I had one tenant who said they were without hot water for a month (and showed me text messages a proof). There was a tenant who moved into a unit which was dirty and had no appliances. Another tenant who had a pipe freeze and flood their apartment, Matt removed all the carpet and left them with no flooring for months. Another tenant had their thermoostat break and Matt’s fix for over a year was to just “turn the breaker off”, a $15 replacement is all it took to repair the unit. Another tenant had a broken window for over a year.

Rents were adjusted DOWN from where they were when we transitioned them. Multiple units had been adjusted down $50-100/month In their management system compared to the leases rates. Why would you ever adjust tenant rents DOWN unless there were some sort of nefarious actions going on.

When it came time to transition away, the security deposit registers didn’t match the accounts and there was over $4,000 missing in security deposits.

The quality of my units deteriorated over the course of a year due to poor management by Hudson, I lost tons of money in rent income due to their inability to collect rents and turn units in a timely manner.

I would stay FAR AWAY from Hudson property management!

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