Things are getting better but it’s still not enough

Things have been getting better. He’s been initiating more sex, talking more, etc. But things just aren’t enough.

Last night, we were sitting here eating dinner. He asked “How was your day” and before I could even answer he opened TikTok and started scrolling through it.

I cook for us every night, he rarely does dishes. Dishes have been sitting in the sink for 2 days now. Instead of getting his ass out of bed this morning, he set an alarm for 8am and then laid in bed until 10am. So now the dishes will sit there all day today. He works tonight, so I’ll come home from work and will end up having to do them.

Same with laundry. I put two loads in the wash/dryer over the past few days. They are still sitting in the fucking dryer. He just doesn’t help, doesn’t do shit around the house.

When we first moved in, he was all about “Thursdays are cleaning day” and the was all about keeping the house clean. Now it seems to just 100% fall on me.

I want to go to san Diego for thanksgiving to see Sean and Hut. He can’t commit. I want to go to Thailand with Sean and Hut in March/April. He can’t commit.

I’ve been bringing up for weeks that we should be looking for halloween costumes. He puts it off and puts it off. Last night he came home from work and was all “Oh we gotta go get halloween costumes”. So now it’s a last minute stressful thing to go buy them.

He never comes on walks with me and astra.

I mean there’s good things. I was laying in bed last night thinking about the good things too. But It’s just not enough. He’s getting better, but I just don’t know if it’s enough to make it last past the end of our lease.

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