Stuff – Life Update

I know it’s been a while since I last updated. A lot has been going on

First, we moved into the new place. Everything has been pretty smooth lately no major issues. Although I have been getting more and more frustrated with him. Just over little stuff that annoys the fuck out of me.

Example, he says that _I_ nit pick but when I am doing dishes or folding laundry he will literally stand there and tell me I’m doing it wrong. I tried to push back but he then just gets “annoyed”.

Another example, the other day, he was wearing these underwear which really emphasized his dick. I made a comment, “wow, that underwear really makes your dick look good”. And he got all pissed off and was flipping me off and saying “fuck you” because apparently that was offensive.

We also had a “house warming” where just Eric showed up. It was mostly fine but I am still not over the whole Eric thing. It’s super annoying cause when I’m around they just sit there In silence and don’t talk to each other, but if I get up to to go to the bathroom or something they are chatty Kathies. Now he just texted me that tomorrow him and Eric are going on a hike together. No asking me if I wanted to go or anything. Super annoying.

I honestly don’t think this will last the full year. He doesn’t seem to care about me at all. He’d doesn’t go out of his way to do things for me. THere’s a million other examples, issues but I don’t want to get into it all.

My work project is going well, we are finally starting to kick it off and we’re going to go live for real this time.

My rental properties are sucking me dry right now. Things are breaking like crazy, we paid $30k in insurance premiums this year and then now we have another $37k in property taxes due next month. We got rejected for two of our roofing claims.

I dunno. Boring update, life is boring right now. AF. I’m just not really happy much at all, TBH.

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