New Apartment Pressure

The pressure of a new apartment and the status of our relationship is really wearing on me. I am just not getting what I need out of him

The other day we went out to a birthday party for one of his friends. Of course Eric was there. As we were leaving we passed by this restaurant and Charlie was telling this story about how Eric and him ate there. I just got so fucking annoyed. I am so sick of hearing about all the places him and Eric have been, all the things they have done. I picked some RANDOM ASS Ramen place in SF and of course he says “Oh, Eric and I already ate here”… . But yet he seems to never have time to do actual things with me beyond just our normal day to day routine. He found time to go virtual reality and see movies with Eric, seems to have time to go out to eat with him. But We haven’t had a nice date night in ages. And we haven’t EVER had one where he plans it all and just takes ME out. He keeps saying we should go see top gun, but when. When is there fucking time? He’s always busy with school or work. He wastes so much fucking time NOT doing what he needs to do and then he fucking crams it all in at the end and thus never has time to do anything. Example, the other Sunday after pride he had the whole day off, we had nothing to do. He could have spent the day doing homework, Packing for the move, etc etc.

We got into a huge fight that night. Honestly it was just everything building up all the let downs, all the missed opportunities for him to SHOW me that he cares. I packed my bags and left. I sat in my truck for an hour and we talked on the phone. I finally came back in. But honestly, I am questioning if it was worth it.

I read to him parts of the previous post. The parts about what I _NEED_ out of a relationship. Small stuff, IMHO. Tell me you love me, tell me have a good day, stuff like that. Well the past two days he hasn’t done anything to try to show me what matters. He barely texted me. Today I had to leave before him. I got up at 7:30 and walked astra and I had to leave by 8. I get back from walking her and he’s still in bed. He couldn’t get up and make me coffee. I get ready and go into the bed room and say “I’m leaving, have a good day babe”. Silence from him…

I just stand there hoping he will be like “love you, have a good day” or “thanks babe see you tonight”. instead he just says “WHAT”.

I just left to go to my appointment.

I get home and he’s gone to work. No message from him “On my way to work” or “at work see you tonight”. Nothing.

Does he Even fucking care at all? How fucking hard is to for him to give me even the BASICS of a caring relationship. Am I asking for too much?

If I can’t even get these basic things that I want/expect out of a relationship. Why are we moving in together?

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