He Said he loves me

So, after the last post, we all went out to a bar in Oakland. I invited a one of my friends who brought 2 of his friends. So all together there were 6 of us. It was a fun night for most of us. We had some drinks, watched Karaoke, Charlie even got up on stage and sang a song.

But Eric, he sat there in the corner, refusing to talk to anyone. At one point he stormed off and went and hid in a backroom. Whatever. Nothing is going to make it better with him apparently.

While we were sitting at the bar, Charlie turned to me and said, “I love you” and all the rest of the night he was repeating it over and over. So that was nice. But ever since then, he’s barely said it. He will say it back to me if I say it. But he won’t just say it.

Shit with Derik has gotten worse. He’s not even replying to txt’s, emails from me now. I went and talked to the PM and I think that we finally have a resolution for how to get out of this. Derik is going to move to another apartment in the same building and I’m going to pay $6k to just leave. Super fucking annoying. Derik is the worst fucking piece of trash person I’ve ever met in my fucking life. I cannot believe how much of a fucking snake he is.

Last Thursday, Charlie went out with Eric by himself. I was mostly fine with it. I was a little annoyed that he only told me the day before. My friends are all busy people, I can’t just text them the day before andd go out with them. I was also a bit annoyed cause Charlie had worked nights the two days before. SO it was three days in a row where I didn’t see him.

Anyway, he goes out. Comes home around 10pm and we just have sex and go to bed. Don’t even talk about it at all. Well last night (Sunday) he finally brings up what they talked about. Eric is pissed that Charlie isn’t spending enough time with him. Well, honestly, yeah. He shouldn’t be spending more time with you. You’re an asshole to his boyfriend. You can’t get over the fact that you love him.

Charlie and I were at the gym while we were talking about this and I thought we were having a positive conversation about it. At one point, I said, “Maybe it would be best if you two just not have contact for a while so he can get over you.” Apparently that pissed Charlie off and he just shut down. Didn’t talk to me the whole rest of the work out. Not a word.

So we get back to the house and start talking about it and he was going on about how all I was doing was focusing on the negative. WTF does that even mean? I was trying to provide positive support to the situation. I don’t really like Eric, Eric clearly doesn’t like me. But at least I am making POSITIVE movements to the situation. I am supporting him hanging out with Eric, I am inviting Eric out to do things with us. When we do hang out, _I_ try to talk to Eric. He makes ZERO efforts to talk to me.

I just don’t know what to do at this point. I don’t know if I can survive a relationship with this other guy in the picture.

We talked about just getting an apartment together. Charlie’s lease is up in June, I’m leaving the Oakland apartment. But I don’t think we’re ready for it. After what happened last night.

Honestly, I wonder if Charlie is still in love with Eric, I wonder if he regrets going back to me and just doesn’t know how to get out of it. Last night we talked about Eric being “over” him and Charlie said something like “If he wasn’t over me, he would have tried to get back with me already”. WTF, he’s BEEN trying, that’s what he’s doing. When we were out at the bar that night. Charlie was all over him. He was looping his arm through his, he had his arm around his waist, he was resting his head on his shoulder. All that stuff really pissed me off. Get your fucking hands off that guy. And this is exactly why I don’t want them going out drinking together. I don’t want Charlie getting physical with him (in what he says is just a friendly way) and having Eric take advantage of it. Charlie says he doesn’t even remember doing all those things with Eric.

How can you have a relationship where your boyfriends, best friend, hates you? Is it possible?

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